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80509 HUDSON Everything FoccaciaFoccacias
81508 HUDSON Cheese LavashLavash
20001 HUDSON Parmesan CrispLavash
30001 HUDSON Parmesan Bread Stick 36/packLavash
81510 HUDSON Garlic LavashLavash
81507 HUDSON Zatar Lavash (box)Lavash
80400 HUDSON Tomato Foccasia LG Sheet 26x18Foccacias
raspberry crumb sheetCake
Crumb cake UNCUTCake
Wraps wheatWraps
chocolate crumb sheetCake
Crumb CakeCake
81508 Four Cheese Lavache 24 pieces 234Lavash
hh-08-002E Garlic Herb Focc 15 / 15 sizeFoccacias
6 Ft. Hoagie Roll Seeded (PER PIECE)Heros
6 Ft. Hoagie Roll (PER PIECE)Heros
80502 HUDSON Olive Half Sheet FocacciaFoccacias
Apple Fritters (DOZ)Danish - Turnovers
LEMON Danishes (dozen)2Danish - Turnovers
cherry Danishes (dozen)2Danish - Turnovers
Cheese pocket (DOZEN)2Danish - Turnovers
cheese Danishes (dozen)2Danish - Turnovers
GLAZED NUT RING DANISH(dozen)2Danish - Turnovers
blueberry Danishes (dozen)2Danish - Turnovers
Assorted Fruit Danishes(dozen)2Danish - Turnovers
Apple Turnover (dozen)2Danish - Turnovers
apple Danishes (dozen)2Danish - Turnovers
pound Cake BANANACake
carrot pound CakeCake
pound CakeCake
marble pound CakeCake
lemon pound CakeCake
20002 HUDSON Crisp PlainLavash
Turnovers Danishes Assorted (dozen)1Danish - Turnovers
nut danish (dozen)1Danish - Turnovers
LEMON Danishes (dozen)1Danish - Turnovers
Fruit Danishes Assorted (dozen)1Danish - Turnovers
Cherry Turnover (dozen)1Danish - Turnovers
cherry Danishes (dozen1Danish - Turnovers
Cheese Turnover (dozen)1Danish - Turnovers
cheese Danishes (dozen)1Danish - Turnovers
Apple Turnover (dozen)1Danish - Turnovers
apple Danishes (dozen)1Danish - Turnovers
85705 HUDSON Pocket Olive DozenSandwich Rolls
10013 HUDSON Country #5 Boule (EACH)Boule
85706 HUDSON Pocket Onion DZSandwich Rolls
croisants (dozen)Danish - Turnovers
80401 HUDSON Pizza Bianca FoccaciaFoccacias
70603b Hudson Brioche Pullman SLICED (each)Loaves
70603a Hudson Brioche Pullman Unsliced (each)Loaves
90307 HUDSON Pretzel HeroHeros
CHOCOLATE croisants (dozen)Danish - Turnovers
20708 Hudson Ciabatta HeroHeros
3 Ft. Hoagie Roll Seeded (dozen)Heros
3 Ft. Hoagie Roll (per piece)Heros
20701 HUDSON Rustic Square (dozen)Sandwich Rolls
oatmeal raisin cookies (dozen)muffins and stuff
black and white cookies (dozen)muffins and stuff
choc chip cookies (dozen)muffins and stuff
70601a HUDSON Brioche Pullman LG UNSLICEDLoaves
75701 HUDSON Onion Brioche (DZ)Sandwich Rolls
Dozen Strawberry Muffins 6ozMuffins
Dozen Sugar Free Blueberry Muffins 6ozMuffins
Sugar Free Apple Cinnamon 6ozMuffins
Dozen Raisin Bran Muffin 6ozMuffins
Dozen Pumpkin Raisin Muffins 6ozMuffins
Dozen Pumpkin Chip Muffins 6ozMuffins
Dozen Oreo Muffin 6ozMuffins
Dozen Orange Blossom Muffins 6ozMuffins
Dozen Mixed Berry Muffins 6 ozMuffins
Dozen Lemon Poppy Muffins 6ozMuffins
Dozen Jalapeno Corn 6ozMuffins
Dozen Banana Chip Muffins 6ozMuffins
Dozen Double Chocolate Chip Muffin 6ozMuffins
Dozen Cranberry Nut Muffin 6ozMuffins
Dozen Corn Muffin 6ozMuffins
Dozen Cinnamon Swirl Muffin 6ozMuffins
Dozen Chocolate Chip Muffin 6ozMuffins
Box of MuffinsMuffins
Dozen Blueberry Muffin 6ozMuffins
Dozen Banana Nut Muffin 6ozMuffins
Dozen Apple Cinn Muffins 6 ozMuffins
Dozen Muffins 6ozMuffins
80513 HUDSON Plain Foccacia Half SheetFoccacias
50401b HUDSON Raisin & Nut Freeform SLICEDLoaves
Donuts AssortedDonuts
50401a HUDSON Raisin & Nut FreeformLoaves
70704 HUDSON Brioche Hero (DZ)Heros
93603 HUDSON 7' Cuban Hero (DZ)Heros
90701 HUDSON Roll French HeroHeros
45701 HUDSON Semo Hero (DZ)Heros
10706 HUDSON 7 Grain Hero (DZ)Heros
10707 HUDSON 7 Grain Sandwich (DZ)Sandwich Rolls
50202b HUDSON Raisin & Nut SLICEDLoaves
50202 HUDSON Raisin & Nut LoafLoaves
70702a HUDSON 4 oz Large Brioche burger Bun unsliced - 248Sandwich Rolls
Dozen Twisted Glazed DonutsDonuts
Round White CremeDonuts
Dozen Round Vanilla Covered Donuts with sprinklesDonuts
Dozen Round Vanilla Covered DonutsDonuts
Dozen Round Granulated Sugar DonutsDonuts
Dozen Round Cream EclairDonuts
Dozen Round Cinn DonutsDonuts
Dozen Round Chocolate Covered DonutsDonuts
Dozen Powdered Jelly DontsDonuts
dozen podwer boston creamDonuts
Dozen Plain Cake DonutsDonuts
LONG POWDER White CremeDonuts
Dozen Long Cream EclairDonuts
Dozen Twisted Gran DonutsDonuts
Dozen Twisted Cinn DonutsDonuts
Dozen Powder sugarDonuts
Cake GlazedDonuts
Cake choc covered sprinklesDonuts
Cake choc coveredDonuts
Dozen Granulated Jelly DonutsDonuts
Dozen Round Glazed DonutsDonuts
Dozen Round Chocolate Covered Donuts with SprinklesDonuts
Dozen Cinnamon BunsDonuts
A & S Country 7 Grain loaf Thick Cut Clear PlasticLoaves
30304 HUDSON Rustic Hero (DZ)Heros
20309 HUDSON Onion Palm Hero (DZ)Heros
20705 HUDSON Tomato Square DZSandwich Rolls
20703 HUDSON Rosemary Square (DOZEN)Sandwich Rolls
95702 HUDSON Parker House SandwichSandwich Rolls
70201A HUDSON Challah PullmanLoaves
10205B:Hudson 7 Grain Loaf SlicedLoaves
68401c HUDSON Marble Freeform REG SLICEDLoaves
68401b HUDSON Marble Freeform 3/4 cut SLICEDLoaves
12601B HUDSON Health LG Pullman SLICEDLoaves
HH-10-011 3 Lb. Loaf Marble Rye Bread, SlicedLoaves
68401A HUDSON Marble Freeform SOLIDLoaves
3 oz Medium Brioche burger Bun unsliced - 249Sandwich Rolls
12301 HUDSON Health Pull Apart (dozen)Dinner Rolls
30405b HUDSON Country Sourdough Freeform SLICEDLoaves
30405a HUDSON Country SourdoughLoaves
A&S - 7 Grain HERO'sHeros
30405b Hudson Sour Dough Country Bowl Loaf sliced 246Loaves
93602b HUDSON White Pullman SlicedLoaves
93602a HUDSON White PullmanLoaves
67601b HUDSON Rye Pullman SLICEDLoaves
65601b HUDSON Pumpernickel Pullman SLICEDLoaves
65601a HUDSON Pumpernickel PullmanLoaves
7' Foccacia Hero (Dozen) unslicedHeros
75200 HUDSON Brioche Long Onion Dinner (DZ)Dinner Rolls
A & S 3 Lb. Loaf of Pumpernickel Bread, SlicedLoaves
A& S 3 Lb. Loaf Marble Rye Bread, SlicedLoaves
67601 HUDSON Rye PullmanLoaves
35602b HUDSON Wheat Pullman SLICEDLoaves
90801 HUDSON French EPIDinner Rolls
45303 HUDSON Semolina EPI (DZ)Dinner Rolls
17303 HUDSON Kalamatta Square Dinner (DZ)Dinner Rolls
90104 HUDSON Pretzel Round Dinner(DZ)Dinner Rolls
45302 HUDSON Semo Petite Dinner (DZ)Dinner Rolls
A & S Country White Loaf Thick Cut Clear PlasticLoaves
35202b HUDSON Whole Wheat Freeform SLICEDLoaves
95703 HUDSON Pretzel Petite Dinner Roll (dozen)Dinner Rolls
HH-10-018 7 GRAIN Loaf Sliced 603Loaves
GIANELLA 8 inch Heros Squared offHeros
12' Hoagie Rolls DOZEN 1Heros
Brioche Buns HamburgerSandwich Rolls
95302 HUDSON Dutch Dinner (DZ)Dinner Rolls
95301 HUDSON Parker House Pull Apart Dinner (DZ)Dinner Rolls
90306 HUDSON French Caraway Salt Dinner (DZ)Dinner Rolls
75203 HUDSON Hotel Cluster Dinner (DZ)Dinner Rolls
75199 HUDSON Brioche Dinner Rolls DozenDinner Rolls
60301 HUDSON Black Long Dinner RollDinner Rolls
40305 HUDSON Sourdough Onion Dinner Roll DozenDinner Rolls
20306 HUDSON Ciabata Dinner Rolls (dozen)Dinner Rolls
10305 HUDSON 7 Grain Square Dinner Roll DozenDinner Rolls
Brioche Slider Buns (Dozen) UnslicedDinner Rolls
20205b HUDSON Francaise Loaf SLICEDLoaves
90305 HUDSON French Tabatier Dinner (DZ)Dinner Rolls
90303 HUDSON French Round Dinner (DZ)Dinner Rolls
90302 HUDSON Plain Petit Dinner (DZ)Dinner Rolls
65101 HUDSON Black Round Dinner (DZ)Dinner Rolls
40302 HUDSON Sourdough Cluster Dinner RollDinner Rolls
A&S - Ciabatta Hero'sHeros
7' Hoagie Roll DOZEN 278Heros
8' Hoagie Roll DOZENHeros
cinn Egg Bread LoafLoaves
12602b HUDSON Health SM Pullman SLLoaves
90301 HUDSON French Batard Dinner Roll DozenDinner Rolls
40301 HUDSON SourDough Round Dinner Roll (Dozen)Dinner Rolls
35205 HUDSON Wheat Square Dinner(DZ)Dinner Rolls
A & S 3Lb loaf of Seeded Rye BreadLoaves
Country White Loaf Sliced 213Loaves
3Lb loaf of Seeded Rye BreadLoaves
HS-10-118A Country Wheat Loaf Sliced 214Loaves
4lb Anthony & Sons Rye Loaf SlicedLoaves
HS-06-010 Egg Bread Loaf sliced thick CutLoaves
3lb Venice Rye Loaf Sliced 215Loaves
3 Lb. Sidney Rye Bread, Thin SlicedLoaves
20205a HUDSON Francaise LoafLoaves
Whole Wheat 7' Hoagie DOZENHeros
HS-02-055cc Wheat Round (DZ)Sandwich Rolls
Onion Roll (dz)Sandwich Rolls
45304 HUDSON Semo Batard DinnerDinner Rolls
Torpedo RollsDOZEN 195Heros
6' Hoagie Rolls DOZENHeros
hamburger buns 5'Sandwich Rolls
Potato Rolls (doz)Sandwich Rolls
Multigrain Peasant Bread SlicedLoaves
Potato HotDog packs 8 per packSandwich Rolls
20210 HUDSON Small FrancaiseLoaves
HH-01-029A Peasant Bread Loaf Sliced 207Loaves
5' Hoagie Rolls (Dozen)Heros
HS-02-001 Kaisers (Dozen) Unsliced 220Sandwich Rolls
semo round rolls (dozen)Sandwich Rolls
Seeded Kaiser Rolls (dozen)Sandwich Rolls
Kaiser Rolls (dozen) 196Sandwich Rolls
90700 HUDSON Cuban Baguette (EA)Baguettes
Whole Wheat Kaiser Roll (dozen)Sandwich Rolls
Kaiser Rolls Seeded (dozen)Sandwich Rolls
Kaiser Rolls (dozen)Sandwich Rolls
90703 HUDSON Tuscan BouleBoule
english muffins (by pack)Sandwich Rolls
10101 HUDSON 7grain Baquette (EA)Baguettes
hamburger buns 4'Sandwich Rolls
HH-02-011 Mini Sweet Round Roll (doz)Dinner Rolls
Assorted Dinner Rolls (Dozen) Unsliced 229Dinner Rolls
Dinner Rolls (dozen)Dinner Rolls
KNOT Dinner Rolls (dozen)Dinner Rolls
PARAMOUNT Pizza Bread 2 Pieces per Bag 293Foccacias
45101 HUDSON Semo Baguette (each)Baguettes
Traditional Club Wheat Loaf Sliced 211Loaves
Traditional Club White Loaf Sliced 210Loaves
25101 HUDSON Rosemary BaquetteBaguettes
20101 HUDSON Ciabatta Baguette (EA)Baguettes
loaf of white bread slicedLoaves
loaf of wheat bread slicedLoaves
texas toast (by pack)Loaves
Small Kaiser RollsSandwich Rolls
Kaiser Small (dozen)Sandwich Rolls
90101 HUDSON French Baguette(each)Baguettes
Half Torpedo Rolls DOZENHeros
10102 HUDSON 7grain Demi Baguette (EA)Baguettes
French Bread Brick oven white powderBaguettes
90100 HUDSON French Demi Baguette (EACH)Baguettes
40108 HUDSON Onion Sourdough Ficelle(EA)Baguettes
40106 HUDSON Everything Sourdough Ficelle (EA)Baguettes
40105 HUDSON Plain Sourdough Ficelle (EA)Baguettes
85704 HUDSON 5' Round Rosemary Foccacia EACHFoccacias
85701 HUDSON 5' Round Tomato Focaccia (EACH)Foccacias
85703 HUDSON 5" Round Onion (PIECES)Foccacias
85702 HUDSON 5' Round Olive Focaccia (EACH)Foccacias
HH-01-002AA Semolina Seeded Baquette Stick Individual Unsliced 223Baguettes
HH-01-001 French Bread Long Individual Unsliced 222Baguettes
85700 HUDSON Cheese FoccaciasFoccacias
Soup Bowl (per piece)Boule
14' Hoagie Rolls PER PIECE 1Heros
HH-01-013B 7' Semolina Seeded Hero (PIECES) unsliced 204Heros
HH-02-010AA 7' Ciabatta Hero (PIECES) unsliced 203Heros
HH-01-013C 7' Brick Oven Hero (PIECES) unsliced 201Heros
14' Hoagie Roll PER PIECE 2Heros
12" SKINNY Hoagie Roll PIECESHeros
HH-02-010 4 by 4 Ciabatta Rustic Square (PIECES) Unsliced 221Sandwich Rolls
Whole Wheat SesameBagels Whole
Whole Wheat PoppyBagels Whole
Whole Wheat BagelsBagels Whole
Whole Wheat Everything BagelsBagels Whole
Whole Wheat Cinn.Bagels Whole
Vegetable BagelsBagels Whole
Swiss Cheese BagelsBagels Whole
Whole Wheat Sesame Seed, SlicedBagels Sliced
Whole Wheat Poppy Seed, SlicedBagels Sliced
Whole Wheat, SlicedBagels Sliced
Whole Wheat Everything, SlicedBagels Sliced
Whole Wheat Cinn, SlicedBagels Sliced
Vegetable Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Swiss Cheese Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Spinach Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Sesame Seed Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Super Cinnamon Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Salt Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Rye Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Pumpernickel Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Poppy Seed Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Plain Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Onion Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Mini Whole Wheat Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Mini Whole Wheat Everything, SlicedBagels Sliced
Mini Sesame Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Mini Poppy Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Mini Plain Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Mini Onion Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Mini Honey Wheat Bagels, slicedBagels Sliced
Mini French Toast Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Mini Everything Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Mini Egg Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Mini Cinnamon Raisin Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Mini Blueberry Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Multi-grain Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Jalapeno Cheddar Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Honey Whole Wheat Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Garlic Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
French Toast Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Everything Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Egg Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Egg Everything Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Cinnamon Sugar Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Cinnamon Raisin Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Chocolate Chip Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Blueberry Bagels, SlicedBagels Sliced
Spinach BagelsBagels Whole
Sesame Seed BagelsBagels Whole
Super Cinnamon BagelsBagels Whole
Salt BagelsBagels Whole
Rye BagelsBagels Whole
Pumpernickel BagelsBagels Whole
Poppy Seed BagelsBagels Whole
Plain BagelsBagels Whole
Onion BagelsBagels Whole
Mini Whole Wheat Sesame BagelsBagels Whole
Mini Whole Wheat Poppy BagelsBagels Whole
Mini Whole Wheat BagelsBagels Whole
Mini Whole Wheat Everything BagelsBagels Whole
Mini Sesame BagelsBagels Whole
Mini Salt BagelsBagels Whole
mini rye bagelsBagels Whole
mini pumpernickle bagelsBagels Whole
Mini Poppy BagelsBagels Whole
Mini Plain BagelsBagels Whole
Mini Onion BagelsBagels Whole
Mini Multi-grainBagels Whole
mini honey wheatBagels Whole
Mini French ToastBagels Whole
mini garlic bagelBagels Whole
Mini French Toast BagelsBagels Whole
Mini Everything BagelsBagels Whole
Mini Egg BagelsBagels Whole
Mini Cinnamon Raisin BagelsBagels Whole
Mini Blueberry BagelsBagels Whole
Multi-grainBagels Whole
Jalapeno BagelsBagels Whole
Honey Whole Wheat BagelsBagels Whole
Garlic BagelsBagels Whole
French Toast BagelsBagels Whole
Everything BagelsBagels Whole
Egg BagelsBagels Whole
Egg Everything BagelsBagels Whole
Cinnamon Sugar BagelsBagels Whole
Cinnamon Raisin BagelsBagels Whole
Chedder BagelsBagels Whole
Chocolate Chip BagelsBagels Whole
Blueberry BagelsBagels Whole
12' Hoagie Roll PER PIECE 2Heros
10' SKINNY Hoagie Roll PIECESHeros
10' Hoagie Roll PIECESHeros
LEMON Danishes (dozen)Pastries

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